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Logan Conference Center, Hocking County  

Property Description: Great Land - 600+ wooded acres with ravines, ridges, creek, hardwoods, cornfield, hayfield, meadows, and thick bedding areas. Hocking County is a great deer and turkey county. Property is in Logan, Ohio and is very close to many restaurants, Wal-Mart, gas stations, fast food, sightseeing etc... Hocking County is a vacation hotspot! Bring your fishing gear and fish the Hocking River for no extra charge.

Lodging: Lodging provided in newer fully furnished cabins! Modern cabin includes a fully furnished kitchen, working fireplace, deck overlooking beautiful views, satellite TV, You will be the only one using the lodging at the time of your hunt. This is prime lodging - no roughing it! Linens provided.

Whitetail Deer Hunts
:  These are five day hunts and five nights lodging for up to four hunters. Bowhunting only the entire deer season! Only bowhunting has taken place the last eight years during the Whitetail Deer season. There will be no firearms deer hunting on this land the entire season!Your party will be the only group hunting during your five days.  Crossbows may be used.  You may kill one buck and one doe. Hunting will only take place from Monday through Friday. The property and the deer will “rest” during the weekends. You will arrive on Sunday at noon to scout the property and set up stands or blinds. You will hunt Monday through Friday.  As of the 2014 season we have an 8 point minimum requirement for each buck that is harvested.  This restriction has helped immensely and more big bucks are being taken now! 

Eastern Spring Turkey Hunts:  These are three day hunts and three nights lodging for up to three hunters.  Shotguns may be used for the Spring Turkey season.  Each hunter may take one Gobbler.
Hunts will be Monday through Wednesday and the property and turkey will "rest" during the other days.  You will arrive on Sunday at noon to scout the property.  You will hunt Monday through Wednesday. 

Miscellaneous: Check-in will include a quick orientation to the lodging and property. We will also give you a map for the property. You will be asked to sign two permission forms.  You will keep one with you while you hunt and we will keep the other on file.  There will be absolutely no smoking , alcohol or Sunday hunting. You must have all valid license and deer tags from the State of Ohio Division of Wildlife



2017 - 2018 Logan Conference Center Deer Hunts - Price List

(The price is for up to four hunters and includes two vacation cabin rentals)


Dates                                 Price                                     Deposit due                     Status

Oct 1 - Oct 7                     $3000                                        $750                             Sold

Oct 8 - Oct 14                   $2400                                        $600                             Sold  

Oct 15 - Oct 21                 $2400                                        $600                             Sold

Oct 22 - Oct 28                 $2400                                        $600                             Sold  

Oct 29 - Nov 4                  $3000                                        $750                             Sold

Nov 5 - Nov 11                 $3600                                        $900                             Sold

Nov 12 - Nov 18               $3600                                        $900                             Sold  

Nov 19 - Nov 25               $2640                                         $660                            Sold  

Nov 26 - Dec 2                 $2160                                         $540                            Sold   

Dec 3 - Dec 9                   $1920                                         $480                             Sold 

Dec 10 - Dec 16               $1920                                         $480                             Sold

Dec 17 - Dec 23               $1680                                         $420                             Available 

Dec 24 - Dec 30               $1680                                         $420                             Available  

Dec 31 - Jan 6                 $1680                                         $420                              Sold

Jan 7 - Jan 13                 $1440                                         $360                              Sold

Jan 14 - Jan 20               $1440                                         $360                             Sold 

Jan 21 - Jan 27               $1200                                         $300                             Sold 

Jan 28 - Feb 3                 $1200                                         $300                             Sold

Jan 29 - Feb 4                 $1200                                         $300                             Available


Mike from Michigan with a nice late season buck harvested on New Year's Eve 2014

Buddy from Maine harvests a nice buck during the 2013 rut

Cliff and the guys from Maine take three bucks during the rut 2012

Nice double drop tine buck taken by one of our hunters during the 2012 season

Buck harvested by one  of our hunters during the 2012 season


 Buck Killed by one of our hunters on September 30, 2009 



Just some of the other Deer and Turkey harvested at the Logan Conference Center



Lodging and Land at the Logan Conference Center

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