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About Me

My name is Mark Ledford and I live in Westerville, Ohio. I have a wonderful wife and four great children. I was a Youth Pastor at The Westerville Church of the Nazarene from 1986 to 1997 at which time I became the Senior Pastor. I am presently in ministry at the same church! I began deer hunting in 1987 and continue to love the outdoors and pursue this challenging hobby. I am a Christian, family man and am not an outfitter! I love hunting and go on a lot of “pay hunts.” I know what is out there and think what I have to offer is a very good deal. I have had many satisfied hunters who had good opportunities. I do my best to be honest about what you can expect on the hunts so you will not be disappointed. I try to make and keep the hunts affordable, unguided “real hunting” and fair chase. I try to limit the hunts so that the property is not overhunted.  I have had many requests to sell hunts for various landowners.  For two reasons I have refused these offers.  First, I want to make sure that I have time for God, family and my ministry.  Secondly, I want to make sure I have time to give you the best hunt possible. 

In 2013 I was blessed to harvest an incredible buck that had 26 points and gross scored 222" non typical and net scored 216" non typical. This gave me the opportunity to write articles for Bowhunter magazine and Big Buck magazine and opened the doors for me to be a special speaker for Wild Game Dinners across the United States.  I thank God for this wonderful opportunity to share my faith and tell stories about hunting!  Since harvesting the big buck in 2013, I have followed up with a double drop tine buck in 2014 and a 150" 15 pointer in 2016.  2015 was a tough year and a hunting season full of missed opportunities. I am able to laugh at myself and audiences enjoy laughing at me as I share about my failures and mishaps!  This is the incredible journey we call hunting and I think that is why I love it so much!      


2017 Spring Turkey - Knox County, OH

My son Caleb's first buck - November, 2016

2015 Gator - Caleb videotape this one!

Another nice doe for my son Camden

My first gator - Summer 2012

My 2010 Georgia Wild Boar Hog

       My 2011 Spring Gobbler

My first black bear, September 2011


  The "Wall of Fame" in the Ledford family loft!

      The 26 pointer where I found him! 

              Thrive Conference - California

      Wild Game Dinner, Reynoldsville, PA
The pictures below are from a four day vacation to Florida with my buddy Jeff.  In three days of hunting and fishing, on day one I caught the biggest bass of my life (I am not a fisherman but this was fun! ).  I harvested the biggest gator of my life on day two and I harvested a fine wild hog on day three. Thanks to my friends Stuart and Marie in Florida!   

The Gator was thirteen feet four inches long! 

Florida Bass

      Florida Wild Hog

2016 Buck - 150" 15 Pointer

2016 Buck captured on Trail Camera in October

2014 Double Drop Tine Buck

2013 26 Point 222" Buck 

2012 Opening day of archery season buck 150"

2011 Bow killed 145 " 9 pointer

2010 Buck with 22" spread

My fourth grade son Camdens first deer.  Harvested with a crossbow October, 2012 

A teenage friend from our church (appropriately named Hunter!) harvested his first deer during youth shotgun season in November, 2012 


My 2010 Spring Gobbler

My 2009 Spring Gobbler 

My other 2009 Spring Gobbler with three beards

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